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Pacers Vote Victor Oladipo for 2018 Backbone Award

The NBPA Award recognizes players who represent the heart and soul of their team

As part of the National Basketball Players Association's annual Players' Voice Awards, Victor Oladipo was selected by his teammates to be the recipient of the Backbone Award (previously known as the Teammate of the Year Award).

The Backbone Award is intended to honor a player on each NBA team that represents the heart and soul of their respective team. Oladipo, who reached his first All-Star Game and led the Pacers in scoring with 23.1 points per game, was a constant force of positive energy for Indiana, helping lift the team to its impressive 48-win season.

The Players Voice Awards were started in 2015 by the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) as an alternative to traditional league awards, which are voted on by select members of the media. The Players' Voice Awards are voted on exclusively by NBA players