NBA Head Coaching Rumors Find Pacers Coach Brian Shaw

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NBA Coaching Rumors Find Pacers Coach Shaw

by Jeff Tzucker

May 23, 2012

It's nearing the end of the NBA season and rumors are already beginning to swirl with speculation surrounding possible NBA head coaching candidates for next year. Yesterday, that speculation reached Pacers Associate Head Coach Brian Shaw. During a media session, not long after the announcement that the Orlando Magic had fired Head Coach Stan Van Gundy, Shaw found himself answering questions about filling the now-vacant Orlando position.

He maintained that his focus is on the here-and-now with the Pacers, not with what might happen next year. "Right now my focus is on the Indiana Pacers and trying to get through this series. This is the time of year," Shaw said, "that a lot of speculation comes up and talk about who's moving where, but I don't get caught up in that."

Asked whether he's spoken to any of the Orlando Magic players, Coach Shaw stated flatly, "No, not at all."

"I think that's something that takes care of itself. [If] at some point I am contacted, I will deal with that at the appropriate time. But right now, my focus is just on this team and not being a distraction in any way—Just trying to get through this series."

When asked about his name being brought up and whether it's difficult to "push that talk out of your mind", Coach Shaw replied, "No, you know, I've been through it now probably over the last 6 years where I've interviewed a bunch of times, probably 6 or 7 times. My approach has always been to kind of wait until the playoffs are done and then focus on that after our business at hand is taken care of. So, I just approach [this year] the same way."

Coach Shaw then reflected on his experience last year regarding speculation about his candidacy for the Los Angeles Lakers head coaching position vacated by Phil Jackson. "It's flattering when your name does come up, but I know firsthand that doesn't mean anything because last year everyone expected, or assumed, that I would be stepping in for Phil Jackson in L.A.—which obviously didn't happen. So, I don't get caught up in that and I know that anything can happen and, like I said, those types of things will take care of themselves."

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