Fans in China Look to Bring Positive Energy to the Pacers

Fans in China Look to Bring Positive Energy to the Pacers

by Lee Holick | ChinaPacers.com

May 1, 2014

ChinaPacers.com hosted the annual national fans gathering today in Shenzhen, where over 30 Pacers fans joined forces to send a message to the Pacers before the win-or-go-home Game 6: TOGETHERNESS, POSITIVITY, APPRECIATION.

Many of the fans of ChinaPacers.com have been following the Pacers since the Reggie Miller era. They have been through the ups and downs along with the Pacers in the past decade. From Miller Time, to the non-Playoff seasons, the fans are still together and support the Pacers every morning from the other side of the earth. Fans in China hope this TOGETHERNESS could be passed along to the Pacers, who should pick up the spirit of TOGETHERNESS in the Playoffs.

Fans have reasons to be frustrated with the Pacers’ recent performance, but negativity would not help this team. Fans have gathered to have fun, and re-ignite the positive energy that Frank Vogel advocates along the way.

Many of the fans have been through tough periods for the Pacers. The window for a championship could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many players. The fans hope the players would appreciate and cherish this team that the organization put together.

The time is now. But this is not the time for the Pacers' playoff run to end.