Pacers Crate

What, you may ask, is Pacers Crate? Well, a couple of years ago, we decided to launch an online roundtable program featuring the franchise's media icons -- Conrad Brunner (web), Mark Boyle (radio) and Chris Denari (TV). The problem was, we couldn't find an actual round table to use. We were able to find a crate and some stools, and thus the show was born. Along the way, as Crate has grown in fame (but certainly not fortune), our set has been graced by the likes of Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Clark Kellogg, Antonio Davis, not to mention a rodeo monkey that rides dogs, a Star Wars stormtrooper, a giant Donut and ... well, you get the picture. You never know what to expect with Crate, but we hope you'll find it as enjoyable to watch as it is to make.

document.domain=''; var currVideoId = null; var AryVidPL680473 = new Array(); //loop through all videos AryVidPL680473[0] = 'teams/pacers/2011/11/18/Crate111711f4v-1908310';

AryVidPL680473[1] = 'teams/pacers/2011/06/23/live110615flv-1742870';

AryVidPL680473[2] = 'teams/pacers/2011/06/15/crate110615mpg-1735024';

AryVidPL680473[3] = 'teams/pacers/2011/06/10/crate110610mpg-1730733';

AryVidPL680473[4] = 'teams/pacers/2011/05/31/crate110531mpg-1721024';

AryVidPL680473[5] = 'teams/pacers/2011/05/26/crate110526mpg-1716559';

AryVidPL680473[6] = 'teams/pacers/2011/05/17/crate110517mpg-1706776';

AryVidPL680473[7] = 'teams/pacers/2011/04/22/crate1104222mpg-1656868';

AryVidPL680473[8] = 'teams/pacers/2011/04/14/crate1104142mpg-1648747';

AryVidPL680473[9] = 'teams/pacers/2011/03/31/crate110331mpg-1613511';

AryVidPL680473[10] = 'teams/pacers/2011/03/17/crate110319mpg-1596546';

AryVidPL680473[11] = 'teams/pacers/2011/03/17/crate1103172mpg-1596512';

AryVidPL680473[12] = 'teams/pacers/2011/03/03/crate110303mpg-1578403';

AryVidPL680473[13] = 'teams/pacers/2011/02/15/crate110214v2mpg-1558309';

AryVidPL680473[14] = 'teams/pacers/2011/02/03/crate110203mpg-1545242';

AryVidPL680473[15] = 'teams/pacers/2011/01/20/crate110120croshere-1528589';

AryVidPL680473[16] = 'teams/pacers/2011/01/06/crate110106bucketsmpg-1515224';

AryVidPL680473[17] = 'teams/pacers/2010/12/22/crate101222v2wmv-1501660';

AryVidPL680473[18] = 'teams/pacers/2010/12/16/crate101216foster700-1496841';

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