City Edition Uniforms Speak to Soul of Pacers History

Since the start of the 2017-18 season, the Pacers have clocked in as one of the NBA's fastest tempo teams, playing with a pace not seen in Indiana since perhaps the ABA days.

In the unveiling of their City Edition uniforms, that speed and tempo comes to the forefront, displaying the elements of racing that were intended when the team was first named the Pacers in 1967.

The general manager at the time, Mike Storen, said that the name was chosen because, "We feel we will set the pace in the ABA, we will be playing at the Fairgrounds Coliseum across the street from where the (harness racing) pacers race at the fair, and the pace in auto racing is set in Indianapolis each May."

From top to bottom, the uniforms embody a racing spirit, with a motion-based design that keeps the eye dashing.

City Edition

A vertical checkered racing stripe adorns the left side of the jersey, with the Pacers name tracking downwards. Rested next to the stripe is the jersey number, encircled in the style of a number on a classic IndyCar nosecone.

The belt buckle of the shorts is a dark-patterned checkered flag, matching up with the checkers that fill the racing stripe.

When the stripe of the jersey meets the stipe on the shorts, "Always Lead" is printed directly above the jersey tag, which will often be tucked into the shorts during games.

City Edition

To "Always Lead" isn't simply a reference to racing; it also connects to the Pacers' goal of leading in their community, on the court, and in their personal lives.

One side of the shorts sports the Pacers' primary logo, while the other side features a tucked away Indiana state icon logo.

With the hyperlocal design from Nike, the Pacers' City Edition uniform creates a timeless bridge between the moment the team's name was chosen, to this season's team, which races from baseline-to-baseline with the spirit of a team that is fighting to always lead.

City Edition Schedule

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Road Games
March 2 at Milwaukee Bucks
March 4 at Washington Wizards
April 3 at Denver Nuggets