Boomers Redemption

Boomers Redemption

By: Ashley Peek

Boomer set out to prove to the crowd that he is not always aiming to break backboards, sometimes things just happened. Although the video of his performance at New Palestine High School on Friday went viral, he wanted to set things straight with a little redemption.

And he did just that tonight at Bankers Life Fieldhouse when the Pacers took on the Orlando Magic in a tough home loss, 102-83.

But Boomer made some noise and provided great crowd entertainment after the Power Pack dunk show finished up before the fourth quarter. However, he ran into some problems.

NBA official Haywoode Workman, a former Pacers play from the 90’s, stepped in to tell Boomer that due to his previous performances their were rules restricting him from dunking.

That was before Indianapolis native and known comedian Mike Epps stepped in to intervene. Epps reasoned with Workman to allow Boomer to show the crowd what he was capable of. Without much argument Workman caved to allow Boomer to do what he does best, dunk the basketball.

Boomer redeemed himself and is hoping that his occasional backboard breaking dunks do not hold him back from any other slam-dunk opportunities.


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