Area55 Gameday 120124

Hibbert Sets A Fashion Trend with Cotton

By: Ashley Peek

Roy Hibbert took a tough elbow to the nose in Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers, which only fueled the fire for Pacers Area 55 members.

“It was upsetting to see that kind of play and nothing be called,” Area 55 member Hobert Montgomery said. “It’s not what you like to see happen to your favorite player.”

Soon after the blow to the nose and a visit to the locker room, Hibbert came back out in the Staples Center with a cotton swab in his nose. And tonight at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, the members of Area 55 did the same.

Montgomery even colored his red to resemble blood. The idea of putting the cotton in their nose started on Twitter and became real life when the Pacers took no the Magic.

Indianapolis Star sports columnist Bob Kravitz (@BKravitz) said on twitter, “I'm thinking @Hoya2aPacer should play every game with a cotton swab hanging out of his nose, maybe start a trend. Good look, I say.” And it did become a good look.

“It is definitely worth it, not uncomfortable at all,” Montgomery said. “We know Roy loves to see us up here supporting him, I’m sure he’ll love this too.”

The members of Area 55 always show their support, and this injury only helped them prove their fandom and devotion to Roy Hibbert and Area 55. Just another thing to add to the common bond they all share as Pacers fans.