Love Letters to Basketball


The NBA All-Star 2024 Host Committee is seeking to infuse Hoosier Hospitality and Indiana’s love for basketball in creating the best atmosphere for our guests during NBA All-Star 2024. The Host Committee plans to accomplish this in many ways, one of which is presenting every NBA All-Star guest A LOVE LETTER TO BASKETBALL which they will find upon arrival in their hotel room.


To showcase Indiana’s love of basketball in a campaign to inspire Hoosiers throughout our State to write 8,000 Love Letters to Basketball.


We hope everyone who writes or reads a love letter will be flooded with memories of when and why they fell in love with basketball, how basketball has shaped their lives and brought them both heartache and joy – and, why they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Your letter will transport the reader to their high school gym, the playground or their driveway; they will feel the weight of the ball in their hands, the smooth leather of a well-worn basketball and the smell of new shoes, a new ball, popcorn in the gym and their lucky socks that never get washed. They will hear the steady thump of the basketball in their driveway, 365 days a year, in the blistering sun, the pouring rain and, scrape of the shovel so the thumps will reverberate throughout the winter; and they will hear the sounds of squeaky shoes on the gym floor, the final buzzer and the roar of the crowd.

They will read the letter and know in 49 states it is just basketball … but this is Indiana.