Everyone has a story.

My Home Court sets out to capture recollections that the Pacers have of their earliest basketball moments, seeking a common thread that stitches together a personal history of the game.

Along the way, the stories told were those of driveways, back yards, games from sunrise to sundown, overheated gyms, broken rims, and skinned knees. From the courts of Croatia to a driveway in Gary, no two stories are identical, but all have one thing in common: a place where a love of the game began.

Whether you ended up on an NBA court or topped out in rec league, everyone who has a love for the game shares the connection of their first basketball memories.

You've seen the 2017-18 Pacers on the court. Now listen to the stories of how they got there.

Nate McMillan

NATE MCMILLAN | Nate McMillan and the other kids in his Raleigh apartment complex showed some ingenuity to make a second basketball hoop so they could play full court games.

Ike Anigbogu

IKE ANIGBOGU | On a hoop loaned to him by his neighbors, Ike spent his childhood replicating moves he saw in the NBA and playing in the backyard against his two sisters and younger brother.

Bojan Bogdanovic

BOJAN BOGDANOVIC | Like most kids in Croatia, Bojan Bogdanovic grew up playing soccer before finding a new love with basketball. In the years since, he's represented his home country in the NBA and on the international stage.

Darren Collison

DARREN COLLISON | Darren's Olympic-caliber track-and-field star parents were his role models growing up and taught him how to approach the game with a mature attitude.

Al Jefferson

AL JEFFERSON | Growing up in Mississippi, Al Jefferson's grandfather built him a basketball hoop out of a foot tub. Jefferson and his family would play on the hoop for long hours, where Jefferson honed his impressive post moves.

Cory Joseph

CORY JOSEPH | Even in the snow, Cory played on any open hoop at a young age. And still practices with his brother today in the offseason.

TJ Leaf

TJ LEAF | Growing up in California, TJ Leaf would spend his days competing -- often without much success -- against his older siblings. But through it all, the stiff competition made Leaf the player he is today.

Victor Oladipo

VICTOR OLADIPO | Victor's biggest influence? His mom. His love of the game began in the parking lot of a grocery store while his mom shopped.

Domantas Sabonis

DOMANTAS SABONIS | With a dad as a Basketball Hall of Famer, Domas' memories include spending days in the practice facility watching some of the best play.

Edmond Sumner

EDMOND SUMNER | Edmond's backyard growing up was the place to play basketball in his neighborhood with sometimes over 30 people waiting to play all day long.

Myles Turner

MYLES TURNER | Myles got his first hoop at age three and it's still on his driveway today. He still remembers his first dunk as a freshman in high school.

Joe Young

JOE YOUNG | As a kid in Houston, Pacers guard Joe Young turned an old bicycle rim and an oak tree into a makeshift basketball hoop.

Thaddeus Young

THADDEUS YOUNG | Growing up in Memphis, Pacers forward Thaddeus Young developed his game and his toughness playing pickup games on a concrete court.

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