Go Green

In celebration of Pacers Go Green Week, March 21-25, 2016, the Indiana Pacers and Republic Services have teamed up to encourage all fans to “Green Your Routine”. Just follow these simple tips and you will be on your way to reducing your carbon footprint, reusing instead of wasting, and kicking bad habits to the curb.

  1. Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. You’ll conserve up to 5 gallons of water per day!
  2. Start using reusable bags. A lot of stores even offer discounts for using your own bags!
  3. Instead of buying plastic water bottles, invest in reusable ones. You will save money and help the planet.
  4. Use cold water instead of hot to do your laundry. Not only will you use less energy, you also can do less loads since you can do colors and whites in the same wash using cold water.
  5. Pay your bills online, by setting up automatic pay through your bank, you will save paper and never pay a late bill again.
    • Shop online too! Just don’t opt for overnight shipping.
  6. Unplug your appliances when they are not in use.
  7. Instead of throwing out things you don’t use anymore, donate them. There are several local charities that will even pick up from your home.
  8. Shop at your local farmers market — fresher food, support the local economy, and go green.
  9. Try to do all your errands at once, to avoid multiple trips.
  10. Don’t ask for ATM receipts. If everyone in the US refused their receipts, it would save a roll of paper more than two billion feet long.
  11. Buy products in concentrate when available.
  12. Caulk, weather strip and insulate your home.
  13. Wash fruit in a bowl of water instead of letting water from a faucet run over them.
  14. Use voicemail instead of answering machines. Answering machines guzzle energy.
  15. Avoid using rubber bands if you can. About 3/4 of rubber bands are synthetic, made from crude oil.
  16. Pack no-waste lunches by using reusable containers, lunchboxes, silverware and napkins.
  17. Check Air conditioner filters. They should be cleaned and replaced monthly to help the unit run at peak efficiency.
  18. Wash your car in a commercial car wash instead of doing it yourself. Commercial car washes use significantly less water per wash and often recycle or reuse rinse water.
  19. Consider buying a laptop computer. They use 50% less energy than a typical desktop PC when plugged in.
  20. When buying deodorant, try to avoid antiperspirants. Antiperspirants use aluminum salts to seal up your pores. In addition to being a potential health risk, aluminum takes a tremendous amount of time to make.
  21. Instead of using plastic, store your food in glass or porcelain containers.
  22. Plant trees around the house strategically (on the south and west sides; shading the air-conditioning unit, if possible) to save up to about $250 a year on cooling and heating.
  23. Install dimmer switches in the living and dining rooms and bedrooms to dial down electricity fees.
  24. Wrap an insulation blanket around your water heater and lower its running cost as much as 9 percent.
  25. Roll up old magazines and stick one into each of your calf- or knee-high boots so the footwear will keep its shape.
  26. Stash an old shower curtain in your car's trunk to line it when carting potentially messy paints or picnic and beach gear.
  27. Put foam packing peanuts in the bases of potted plants to help drainage.
  28. Have Meatless Monday’s. Having pasta or a vegetarian soup on Mondays might not seem like a big deal, but adding one meat-free meal per week (for a family of four) has the same impact as driving a hybrid car.
  29. Switch all your light bulbs to CFLs (or at least switch a few).
  30. Walk or ride your bike for errands that are within two miles.
  31. Reuse scrap paper. Print on two sides, or let your kids color on the back side of used paper.

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