Extreme Home Court Makeover: Hickory Edition

If you're a fan of the Pacers and planning to attend tomorrow night's game against the Miami Heat, you probably already know by now that the Pacers will be donning their Hickory uniforms for the first time this season.

But what you might not know, and won't experience fully unless you're actually at the game, is the lengths that the organization has gone through to make the experience so much more than just a change of uniform.

Come Friday night, Bankers Life Fieldhouse will have undergone a full-on Hickory makeover, complete with banners, historical exhibits, special guests, and even the actual bus from the film Hoosiers, which will be parked outside the entry pavilion in the plaza.

"Everything is going to be different," said Dean Heaviland, the Pacers' vice president of game operations. "The banners are going to be different, our opening is going to be different. Everything we do in-game will be different."

The idea behind the thematic transition is to capture not just the feelings stirred up from the movie Hoosiers, but to reflect the pride and tradition of Indiana basketball, which can be traced all the way back to the tail end of the 1800s in the Hoosier state.

For Heaviland, who grew up in Indiana and has been a basketball fan for his entire life, the challenge of getting The Fieldhouse ready for the switch has been a tall order, but one that he's excited about seeing come to fruition during Friday night's game.

"It's a great thing and it's a fun thing," he said. "It's fun for me and it will be fun for the fans."