Scot Pollard and Peja Stojakovic, close friends during their five seasons together in Sacramento (from 1998-2003) have been reunited as teammates in Indiana. Pollard, of course, is the veteran center with the ever-changing hairstyles and Mitch Hedbergian wit. And, as he's shown lately, he can still play a little too. Stojakovic, who joined the Pacers on Jan. 25 in the trade that sent Ron Artest to Sacramento, is a native of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, who also has Greek citizenship.

Though Stojakovic is actually very well-spoken, Pollard has determined that he should fill the role of interpreter.

Check out what Peja and Scot had to say about being reunited on the Pacers.

Candice (Nova Scotia, Canada): How do you (Peja) feel about being a Pacer? How do you (Scot) feel about being reunited with Peja? P.S. Peja, will you be my valentine?

Peja Stojakovic: I feel very good.

Scot Pollard: Peja says he feels very good. He is especially happy because he is the best-looking player on the team. Personally, I'm happy to be reunited with the best-loooking man in the NBA and I will continue to try and pull down as many rebounds as possible.

Neel (Bloomington): Peja, have you considered letting Scot do your hair?

Peja Stojakovic: I have a guy, Neill, who is my hairdresser in Sacramento (Laughing).

Scot Pollard: I have nothing to add to that (Laughing)

Steve (Morehead): Who has the nicer beard?

Scot Pollard: Mine is fuller, and nicer, but Peja's is more consistent. Peja shaves in the morning and then has a five oclock shadow at noon.

Bart Woods (Greenfield): Hey guys, in a recent game I witnessed Scot dunk which has not been a common occurance of late. If you guys were in the dunk competition at the All-Star game who do you think would have the better showing?

Peja Stojakovic: That's close. It would be close

Scot Pollard: It might be a tie. P.S. If your name is really Bart, does that mean your father's name is Homer. Any person named Bart in the 20th century...that is really some cross to bear. Nice job, there, Bart.

Laurel: From Adam in Laurel, Scot, what is Peja's favorite song, and color?

Scot Pollard: His favorite color is blue. His favorite song is "I Believe I Can Fly" (Laughing).

Scot Pollard: Or it's a tie with James Brown's "Living in America!"

Alex Morgan (Tampa, FL): Peja,

Welcome to The Indiana Pacers. What do you believe has attiributed to your immediate success (which we are proud of) and comfort level to direct much of the offense in Indiana?

Peja Stojakovic: I don't know. I guess I'm just healthier now and even though we are still learning on the court, we are getting better. I hope to continue to progress with my new teammates going forward.

Scot Pollard: I think it's because Peja gets the ball a lot and has the green light. (Laughing).

Steven Trkulja: Do you two like playing together on Indiana now more than on Sacramento before? What city is more fun off the court?

Scot Pollard: In the short period of time here, it feels the same. In Sacramento we had some great teams, made the playoffs and had lots of fun. That remains to be seen here.

Peja Stojakovic: I like small serbia in Chicago!

Scot Pollard: Yeah, there are thousands of Serbians in Chicago and we love that. They take care of us in Chicago (Laughing).

Peja Stojakovic: I like Miami too, it's lots of fun.

Scot Pollard: I'll translate that....Peja likes the sun so he likes Miami.

Brad (Fort Wayne): Peja:
Your friend Scot is a real hoot. Has Scot ever challenged you to a game of HORSE? How many letters did you have to spot him?

Peja Stojakovic: (Laughing) We've never played HORSE. We play different games.

Scot Pollard: Yeah in Serbia they play Donkey.

Brandon White(Geneseo,NY): Peja or Scot, what is your most embarrasing Valentine's Day moment?

Peja Stojakovic: I don't have any embarrassing moments in my life.

Scot Pollard: I'll translate that for him: Peja is perfect and women just wants to please him so he never has any problems.

Scot Pollard: My Valentine's Days are spent mostly just basking in Peja's glow.

Scot Pollard: Thanks for logging on, tuning in, whatever it is...hooking up to this new invention we call the Internet. Peja is very happy to be here and take our American money.

Peja Stojakovic: But I also pay the American taxes!


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