Q's Summer League Diary: Tough loss to Bulls

Nuggets forward Quincy Miller checks in from Las Vegas

Well, Game 2 is in the books and it definitely wasn’t the result we were looking for. It was a tough game and a lot of things went wrong, but at the same time, there are a lot of lessons to be learned and opportunity to grow from it as well.

My main focus after today’s game is to help make sure everyone keeps their heads up and focuses on what we can do to get better and bounce back from the loss. You can always find ways to make excuses, but the bottom line is that we didn’t execute like we needed to and we didn’t get it done today.

The great thing about Summer League, and basketball in general, is that there’s usually another game right around the corner, so you can put the last one behind you.

We have the day off tomorrow to attend the NBA league meetings, so it will be good for us to get a lot of rest, clear our heads and be ready for shootaround and game No. 3 on Tuesday.

I hope you all enjoy your Monday and I’ll check back in with you on Tuesday, hopefully with another win under our belts!