Q&A From Spain

Kenneth Faried discusses his time with NBA 3X
by Emily Wade

Kenneth Faried, who is serving as a Nuggets ambassador to Spain in the NBA 3X program, answered questions about his experience.

What has been your favorite moment so far in Spain?

My favorite moment was going to the charity foundation. It was pretty amazing to me, just watching how the disabled kids worked and did things like normal people without disabilities, and how much they loved their job and what they were doing.

What has been the most challenging part?

The sleep. Just trying to catch up with sleep and get acclimated to how the time difference is from here. Six hours from New Jersey and eight hours from Denver is a huge difference.

Have you seen any kids with future NBA-type talent?

I think every kid has the ability to hopefully one day succeed and make it in the NBA. It’s hard, but with hard work and dedication and to listen and absorb everything that’s being taught to them, I believe any kid from Spain especially, or the United States or wherever, can make it.

Do you have any advice for those kids?

Just work hard. Love the game and respect it, and it will love you and respect you back.

What is the best thing you’ve eaten?

The best thing would have to be the paella. It’s rice with chicken and it was pretty good.

Have you picked up any Spanish?

I picked up basically the Spanish I already knew. I studied Spanish in high school, so hola (hello), cómo estás (how are you), de nada (you’re welcome), and little things like that I knew already. It was just getting reminded.

If you could own an NBA team in Spain, which would it be?

It probably would be one of the best teams out here, Real Madrid. I would want change the mascot to be a Manimal. They’d be Manimals.

How many other countries have you visited, and where does Spain rank on that list?

I went to Taiwan. I went to Italy. I went to Mexico, China, Turks and Caicos. Spain would have to be in the top three.

Anything you would like to say to your fans in Spain?

I want to say to my fans in Spain, Hola, I’m happy to be here. This is perfecto, and I love this place, and it’s amazing just how they welcome me here and are excited about me being here, so gracias.