Josh Rodney is Western Union First Shot taker for Nuggets vs. Sixers

Season ticket member Josh Rodney is tonight's Western Union First Shot taker ahead of the Nuggets' home game against the Sixers. 

First Shot: Tuesday, 3/30- Josh Rodney, Nuggets STM
Hayley and I have been season ticket holders since 2017 and have loved watching the growth of the team. The Nuggets have been such a huge part of our relationship that I proposed to her on 12/20/19 before a game in our Nuggets gear on Larimer Square. I grew up a Nuggets fan in Colorado Springs and until Hayley and I met, she was not a basketball fan. Now I love hearing her talk shop with all my buddies and seeing the looks on people's faces when she drops statistics and basketball knowledge on them at happy hours. Besides the engagement game, one of our favorite memories was she and I disagreeing on who should take the last shot against the 76ers in 2019. Needless to say, if Coach Malone would have taken my advice, we wouldn't have won.


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