Bob Weiss Joins Altitude 950 as the Newest Assistant Coach

Fresh off officially joining the Nuggets bench as an assistant coach, Bob Weiss joined Scott Hastings and Julie Browman this afternoon on Altitude 950 to discuss his friendship with Mike Malone, what excites him in the Nuggets roster, and his 31 years of NBA coaching experience.

Weiss began by breaking down his relationship to Mike Malone. Weiss initially became close with Malone’s father and offered the younger Malone a job during his tenure as head coach in Seattle.

The conversation then moved to the events the lead to Weiss making his way to Denver. “Out of the blue he [Malone] calls me and I didn’t even know he had an opening – and he really didn’t have an opening; what he’s doing was creating a new position – which is the one I’ve taken,” said Weiss of his journey to his new coaching position. In addition, Weiss will be reuniting with family as his grandson was recently born in Denver.

Weiss credits his lengthy resume as the reason Malone wanted to add him to his staff.

“He wants somebody with experience. He said he wanted me to throw ideas at him and argue with him.”

Browman asked Weiss where he saw areas of play where the Nuggets could improve. “I think the whole staff is focused on taking care of that [defensive productivity] and making a vast improvement on that next year,” he noted.

The trio delved into a conversation of where the Nuggets stand in a stacked Western Conference, with Weiss expressing optimism following the signing of Paul Millsap.

“We will be better this year.”

The entirety of the interview can be heard above.

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