Denver Nuggets' Jamal Murray gets praised by Steve Kerr for shot-making ability

by Eric Spyropoulos
Staff Writer

Steve Kerr is regarded as an expert when it comes to 3-point shooting. The Golden State Warriors head coach finished his playing career having connected on 45.4 percent of his shots from beyond the arc. Now, Kerr coaches two of the best shooters in league history in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

In a piece by Sopan Deb for the New York Times, Kerr discussed an article he wrote in 2003 in which he creates “the perfect shooter” (given the name Roboshooter in the article), that combines various aspects of jump shots around the league.

When asked for an update regarding today’s best shooters, Jamal Murray instantly came to mind for Kerr.

“Jamal Murray is on his way to becoming one of those guys. He shoots it, catch-and-shoot, or off the dribble, like Steph.”

That is certainly high praise from Kerr, as Curry has taken over the NBA with his ability to knock down 3-pointers from all areas of the floor. While Murray hasn’t been a lights out shooter percentage-wise over the course of his three seasons in the league, his versatile jump shot allows him to hit a variety of shots depending on his role in the offense.

If playing off-ball, Murray is more than capable of receiving a pass and going straight up for a shot. In the 2018-19 season, the 22-year-old guard shot 39.8 percent on catch-and-shoot 3-pointers.

On the other hand, Murray can also dribble into a better shot with the ball in his hands. The former seventh-overall pick shot 38.5 percent on 3-pointers (and 46 percent overall) after taking at least seven dribbles in the possession.

Murray possesses a variety of moves to get open for a shot, whether it is a side-step, stepback or crossover. Murray’s full shot-making arsenal was on full display in Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs, in which Murray scored 21 points in the fourth quarter alone.

As Murray continues to develop and grow his game, his shot-making will serve him well and should be a staple of Denver’s offense for years to come.

To read the full article by Deb, click here.


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