The Sky’s The Limit

The Sky’s The Limit

by Jonathan Huang

Darrell Arthur is back in blue!

The respected veteran forward is known for his defensive prowess, outside shooting touch, strong work ethic, and solid locker room presence. What Arthur also has in abundance is loyalty and a desire to build something special in Denver.

Arthur loves Denver. The perfect weather, the people, the beautiful scenery, and the culture of healthy living. He loves the fact that he can get outdoors to stay in shape, something he can’t easily do in Dallas where he’s originally from. But perhaps more importantly, his wife truly enjoys Denver as well.

Denver Nuggets Re-Sign Forward Darrell Arthur

The Denver Nuggets have re-signed free agent forward Darrell Arthur to a multi-year contract, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly announced today.

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“[She] loves it, too, so it was an easy decision,” Arthur says with a laugh.

When asked about one of his most memorable moments as a Denver Nugget, Arthur immediately recalled a game late last season against the Philadelphia 76ers. A massive snowstorm had enveloped the city that day, but many diehard fans still came bundled up and ready to cheer on their hometown team.

And boy, were they in for a treat.

With 3.1 seconds remaining in the game, Denver trailed by a bucket until Emmanuel Mudiay hit a tough, buzzer-beating shot from near half-court to secure the win.

“I was just amazed they still came out even though the weather was so bad,” Arthur explained. “I’m really up on Denver right now because I feel that we have something special, we have something to build on. I feel like everyone that’s here right now wants to be here and that’s big. I want to get guys together in September and get our chemistry together and our camaraderie so we can be that much better during the season.”

Arthur is encouraged by the progress the Nuggets made during the time he’s been in Denver and wants to be a part of building a strong core for the future.

“The organization is really building on our young nucleus,” Arthur said. “We definitely have a chance to be a contender in the playoffs. I see the work these guys put in. Our young guys have been in the gym all summer. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they progress. All those guys are workers. Everyone is very professional at a young age and they want to get better.”

A steady veteran presence is conducive to establishing good culture on and off the court. Arthur is that and more. He has built a strong relationship with many of the Nuggets’ young players and they come knowing Arthur has wisdom to impart due to a career that has spanned seven seasons in the league. You can hear Arthur’s voice swell with pride as he describes working with and guiding the younger Nuggets.

“[Young players come to me for advice] all the time,” Arthur told “I sit next to Emmanuel Mudiay, I sit next to Will Barton, and Gary Harris. [I sit] across from Nikola [Jokić] and [Jusuf] Nurkić. There’s on the court stuff and off the court stuff. Will Barton, for instance, asked me for ways to play better defense. He wants to be a better defender. Gary and Emmanuel are the same way. They ask me about the pace of the game, what I do to control myself and slow down sometimes. I tell them, ‘Listen, just take deep breaths and play your game. You’re going to have butterflies starting out but once the game starts out and you get going, it will be fine.’ I just give them some advice like that to get them going.”

Arthur is ready to grasp what the future holds – it certainly looks bright.

“I feel like the sky is the limit with us. We have a good group of guys. It depends on how hard we work. We’re right there. There were a few games we lost [last season] where we were right there. We definitely want to make the playoffs and obviously advance past the first round. I always look forward to a challenge.

“If we keep building from what we got, the sky is the limit.”

Welcome back, DA.


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