Steve Hess Joins Altitude Sports Radio

Steve Hess joined Scott Hastings and Chris Marlowe this morning on Altitude Sports Radio 905 to discuss his offseason workout routine, taking of advantage of the Colorado outdoors, and his trip to Serbia with Nikola Jokić.

The interview began with a rundown of Hess' work with the Nuggets players during the offseason. "We work 24/7 to try and make these guys better. They're amazing," Hess remarked.

On offseason work, the conversation shifted to Hess' unique workouts. Hess frequently takes the guys to locations unique to Denver for workouts, like Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater and the Manitou Springs Incline.

"We'll try to break up the week so we're working in all the different components in enabling our players to get better. We'll go to Manitou Springs and do a smash workout then we'll bring them back here and get them with player development coaches to shoot for the evening."

Hastings and Marlowe asked Hess how the rookies have been adapting to his challenging workouts. "Both Tyler and Monte have done a really good job of staying in shape," said Hess, "these guys were in such good shape that we were able to rock right where we were with the guys that have been doing it."

Hess recounted his trip to Serbia with Hastings and Marlowe and his reasoning for making the trek. "We want to get Joker just stronger, faster...ability to move a little bit better."

Hess made note of Jokić's diligent work ethic in the offseason. "He's in amazing shape. Doing things that are astounding."

"He's a lion. The dude is amazing. He's working his butt off six days a week."

The interview in it's entirety can be heard above.

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