Skyline Drumline to perform with Lettuce at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

by Eric Spyropoulos
Staff Writer

On Saturday, June 15, Skyline Drumline is set to perform with the band Lettuce at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The unique collaboration will provide both groups with an exciting opportunity to create new music for fans at the famous venue.

"While I was enjoying a great playoff game between the Nuggets and Blazers, I was blown away by the halftime show,” said Adam Deitch, the drummer for Lettuce. “The Skyline Drumline fully commanded the arena and were beyond tight and funky! At that point, I had the vision of them performing with us at Red Rocks.”

For Skyline Drumline, this will be another collaboration that builds off halftime performances with 3OH!3 and Baby Bash during various Nuggets games throughout the regular season and playoffs.

“We have some more opportunities that are presenting themselves in the coming months,” said Drumline manager Chris Dighero. “I think this is just the beginning for some of these partnerships.”

As Dighero explains, after being exposed to Skyline Drumline during that playoff game against the Portland Trail Blazers, Deitch made it a priority to make this collaboration happen.

“Me and Adam (Deitch) sat down early last week and talked through his vision of how he was going to use us and how he wanted the music to flow through and use the overall drumline. He sent me some of the tracks that he had cut himself with some of those ideas and from that, I wrote a custom piece to fit on top of what they’re already doing for the overall drumline to play with them.”

The venue will also a key role in this collaboration, as the backdrop and views will complement the unique, never-before-heard music. “Now that it's a reality, me and the Lettuce crew couldn’t be more excited,” Deitch said before the performance. “The crowd is going to go nuts when they hear the sounds of both Lettuce x the Skyline Drumline!”

Dighero said this will be the first time performing at Red Rocks for each member in the Drumline, saying “It’s every drummer’s dream to be able to take that stage (at Red Rocks). We’re all looking forward to taking that stage for the very first time together.”


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