The Ringer: Denver Nuggets’ got steal of the summer in Jerami Grant

by Alex Labidou Staff Writer

At Jerami Grant’s introductory press conference, Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone stated the trade for the forward would help his team “take the next step.” National media outlet The Ringer agrees.  

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The publication called the trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder one of the best moves of the NBA offseason so far and believes Grant’s defensive ability is going to make a significant impact. 

Here’s what The Ringer’s Kevin O'Connor had to say: 

“The Nuggets didn’t add a star, but they did acquire a player who gives them a chance to neutralize opposing stars. It’s become a cliché to call a player a five-position defender, but Grant truly is one. He is 6-foot-9 and effectively defends players of varying size and skills. He can battle bigs and protect the rim as a shot blocker…

Contenders in the Western Conference got far stronger in the offseason, but Grant will help the Nuggets become nearly matchup-proof. If they also see some internal improvement from their core — Jokić, Murray, and Harris—and if Porter pops, they’ll be even more potent offensively.”

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