Draft Prospect Q&A with Hayden Dalton, Robert Williams, Jacob Evans, Ajdin Penava, Arnoldas Kulboka, Dzanan Musa, and Johnathon Williams

Favorite pizza topping?

HD: Everything on there.

RW: I’m a meat lovers kind of guy so I want all of it.

JE: Pineapple and ham.

AP: Just put chicken on it.

AK: I lived in Italy this year so I have many pizzas so one for everything.

DM: Cheese.

JW: Spinach.

Favorite superhero?

HD: The Hulk.

RW: Hulk.

JE: Wolverine.

AP: Deadpool.

AK: My dad.

DM: Deadpool.

JW: Iron Man.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

HD: No, it’s a hotdog.

RW: Mhm.

JE: No.

AP: Nah.

AK: I would say sandwich. I’m not American.

DM: Nah.

JW: I don’t really eat beef or pork.

Who was your basketball idol growing up?

HD: Larry Bird, for sure.

RW: Kevin Durant.

JE: Kobe Bryant.

AP: Michael Jordan.

AK: Growing up, I loved watching Kobe Bryant. That’s why I always have number 8 on my jersey.

DM: Kobe Bryant.

JW: Kobe.