Draft Prospect Q&A with Ethan Happ, Tyler Cook, Shamorie Ponds, Mustapha Heron, Charles Matthews, and Jon Elmore

Favorite pizza topping?

EH: Taco.

TC: Pepperoni.

SP: Cheese, for sure.

MH: Spinach.

CM: Cheese. Pepperoni.

JE: Pepperoni.

Favorite superhero?

EH: Spiderman but if I had my pick of superhero powers, it would probably be Superman.

TC: Superman.

SP: Superman.

MH: Deadpool.

CM: Batman. Easy.

JE: Captain America.

Laurel or yanny?

EH: I didn’t really hear either of them, to be honest.

TC: Laurel.

SP: Yanny.

MH: Definitely, Laurel.

CM: Yanny.

JE: Laurel. One hundred percent.

Basketball idol growing up?

EH: I really liked MJ because my dad really liked MJ but I’d say probably Vince Carter.

TC: LeBron James.

SP: Allen Iverson.

MH: Scottie Pippen.

CM: Between Penny Hardaway and Tracy McGrady.

JE: Steve Nash.