Prospect Q&A: Tyler Dorsey

Prospect Q&A: Tyler Dorsey

How’s this process been going?
It’s been going pretty good. This is my first workout and this is my first look at it. This is the first time I’ll be getting feedback from an NBA team. The process has been smooth and I’m just enjoying it and I’m happy and thankful that the Denver Nuggets invited me to this workout.

What your main focus coming into this workout?
I just want to have a good work ethic and play hard eveyr possession and every drill and just go hard.

If drafted, how do you see yourself fitting into this Nuggets roster?
I’m not sure. That’s a question I’ll have for them. I think I’ll fit in. I feel that I’ll learn from the veterans and the guys that are already here. This is a great organization and would love to be drafted if they are fortunate to get me.

What would you want the Nuggets organization and Denver fans to know about you?
I’m a hard worker. I’m always in the gym 24/7. I’m always trying to be the best player and the best teammate that I can. I just want to win. I have a winning mentality.

Who do you compare your game to in the NBA?
I can’t give someone specific. I watch guys that have a dog mentality. Guys like Russell Westbrook, Marcus Smart, [Kentavious] Caldwell-Pope. Guys like that have a work ethic, guys that go hard every possession. They’re going hard. I like guys that go hard.

Do you have any other workouts?
The only solidified workout that I have is Utah on Sunday.

You don’t have to make a decision right away to declare for the draft but how are these workouts helping?
That’s the way I wanted to go so I can get feedback. It’s good to hear what NBA teams and scouts and coaches have to say so I can just go from there.


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