Prospect Q&A: Ron Baker

How is this pre-draft process going?
There’s been a lot of travel. It’s my fourth workout with an NBA team. I’m just trying to enjoy it. These workouts go quick so you gotta come in, work hard, and show that you kinda belong and show these guys that you fit with whatever they’re looking for.

What’s your main focus in these workouts?
My mindset’s been the same for every workout. I want to come in and be myself, whether in the interviews or on the court. I’ve been in college for four years so a lot of these teams have seen me play and know what I’m about. I’m just gonna come in, play good defense, rebound, the little things, the things I’m probably going to do at the next level. I’m just going to do those things in the workouts.

If drafted by Nuggets, how do you see yourself fitting into the roster?
I’m a coach’s kid, man. My dad coached when I was younger and I’ve had good coaches growing up so I feel like I can fit in with whatever coach throws my way whether it’s off the ball or with the ball in my hands. Obviously, there’s some things any player, not just myself need to work to be efficient at this level. Playing in Denver would be pretty ideal for me, being from western Kansas. I’m only about four hours from here. This franchise has a lot of good things going for it. It’s got some good vets and obviously got Emmanuel Mudiay being one of the top rookies in the league along with Gary Harris. These are guys you looked up to in college and when they were in college. I think it’d be really fun to land in [Denver].

What would you like the Nuggets organization and the fans in Denver to know about you?
I’m from western Kansas. I grew up in Utica, Kansas. It’s about 200-250 people. Both my parents are coaches, coached me growing up. My parents were my teachers. Ever since, I’ve been really into my family and I really appreciate everything they did for me growing up.

What player would you compare your game to in the NBA?
For me, probably a Kirk Hinrich or a [Matthew] Dellavadova. A guy that comes in, knows his role, does all the little stuff on the court. Makes himself accountable and is a good teammate. Just the little assets that build your resume as a player. Those are the kinds of things at the next level that I’m looking to do.

You’re known for your work ethic on and off the court. Where does that come from?
I had a great upbringing. My parents were blue-collar people. They earned a living. They coached me. There was no easy way out of things. You always did things, whether easy or hard, they always told me if you put the hard work in, good things usually happen. It’s kind of a karma situation. In high school, I had one of the best coaches in Kansas and won a state title. Just my upbringing, I really had some good mentors and coaches that taught me to do things the right way.

What’s the rest of the summer look like for you? Do you have anymore workouts?
I don’t have anymore but next week I’ll be out in LA next week. I’ll have a few more workouts the following week though. It all depends on what my agent thinks is best for me.

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