Prospect Q&A: Robert Carter

How has this process, as far as coming to these teams and coming to these workouts, been for you?

It’s been fun for me. I’m really enjoying each one fo these workouts. I’ve been dreaming about these, I’ve been watching these things on the internet since I was a kid. Actually being here is all fun for me while focusing on getting better. Its about impressing teams, but at the end of the day I feel like I’m an NBA player, I feel like someone is going to draft me. I just feel like each one of these workouts I’ve got a chance to get better on my overall game. We do defense, we do offense, we make shots, so each one of these workouts I just focus on getting better each day. In June when the draft comes on, getting selected, being able to help one of my teams.

What’s your focus going from team-to-team, or do you have one mindset going in knowing what you got and what you can show?

My Mom said, “I know you want to impress these teams and different things like that” but I feel like if I come in and focus on what I need to get better because they know what you got before you come in here and they know what you are good at and where your weaknesses are at, so I just come in here and focus on my weaknesses and just improve my strengths. My shooting ability, my ability to be versatile, score the ball and my deficiency is I’m a smaller guard. So I really want to focus on that. I feel like if I do that somebody is going to draft me and I’ll be ready to help my team.

Hypothetically you get drafted, your name gets called on the Nuggets how do you see yourself fitting in with the team that they got here right now?

I could definitely fit in, I mean, the NBA game is changing you’ve got a lot of versatile guys on the floor. I just feel like I’m one of those rustic guys that can play multiple positions and be able to do multiple things for teams. I’d be ready to come here right away, I was just talking to the strength guy and I told him if they draft me I’ll be here ASAP trying to get in to the weight room and continue cutting this body fat down and doing whatever to help this organization win.

If there was one thing you could tell this organization or even just the fans that are in Denver if they see you, what would be the one thing you want them to know about you?

I’m a good guy. I try to be a high character guy. Somebody who is going to play as hard as he can for this organization, somebody who is going to bring versatility to the team, come in with a winner mentality. Somebody that’s going to come in and compete everyday wanting to win and help this organization get to where it wants to get to.

Is there anybody right now in the NBA that you that you compare yourself to or try to model your game after?

That’s tough. Just a lot of the versatile guys, there’s not a lot of us in the league right now but the guys who play the forward position and really stretch the floor. Any guy that plays a forward position and stretches the floor out and be able to do the postal ball and shoot the ball, do different things like that, do multiple things, that’s kind of my game.

What’s the rest of the summer looking like for you?

Busy. From team to team, I’m actually going down to Dallas after this then I’m going over to Houston, out to L.A., Toronto. It’s just that pre-draft process, that pre-draft grind. A bunch of plane trips, and a bunch of workouts.