Prospect Q&A: Mitch McCarron

By Leonard Davis and Steven Blevins

Q: “What’s it feel like to get an opportunity to try out for the team that plays right across from where you played your college basketball?”

A: “I am just so excited to be here, it was a great opportunity. Like you said, you walk across the road and watch them play, and then you get to play in their facility. It’s just an awesome opportunity.”

Q: “Was there anything you came in wanting to have standout?”

A: “Well I just want to bring good energy. I am extremely excited to be here and I hope I give that vibe off. I want to prove that I belong and that I can compete with these guys.”

Q: “What are the plans for the rest of your summer? Any more workouts scheduled?”

A: “I have a couple more workouts on the west coast in California. It’s the same as today, I want to go in there and give everything I have, and see what happens.”