Prospect Q&A: Askia Booker

By Leonard Davis and Steven Blevins

Q: “You played behind a great guard lineup with names like Spencer Dinwiddie in past seasons. How did that affect the way you prepared for this opportunity today with the Nuggets?”

A: “It really helped just being able to talk with them and having the opportunity to see what they went through in their process. Though Spencer didn’t get to work out much due to his ACL injury he went and was able to tell me what to prepare for. He told me ultimately to stay in shape, be in the best shape possible and to work on my NBA three’s. So basically a few pointers I can carry on throughout these workouts, but to also pass down to my underclassmen guards at CU.”

Q: “While playing under coach Boyle and the CU staff what was the biggest lesson you learned?”

A: “Mental toughness, whether you’re hurting or if it’s your off day you still have to compete at a very high level. Your shots might not be falling, but you still have to defend and rebound, box out and contest shots. People think mental toughness is you have to make shots and you’re the best player sometimes. It’s not just that, it’s on the defensive end and rebounding.”

Q: “With the opportunity to play at a higher level what do you think you bring to the table for a professional team?”

A: “I can guard the ball, disrupt plays on the defensive end, I’m really good in pick and roll situations which I believe I showed today a little bit, but also I have the ability to knock down shots, I can hit the three and I’m good off the dribble.”

Q: “Who do you emulate while on the floor?”

A: “That’s a good question, someone like a Nate Robinson or J.R Smith type of player but I also watch a lot of Kyrie Irving and Steph Curry. I see a lot of myself in Allen Iverson with our body types so those are a couple of guards I like.”