Prospect Q&A: Antwan Scott

If you are drafted by the Nuggets, how do you see yourself fitting into our current roster?
As I always tell everybody, I’m an underdog. Maybe I won’t find minutes early but I’m going to come in and work hard every single day, whether it’s playing 30 seconds, playing 30 minutes or not playing at all, I’ll be the greatest teammate there is. I’ll just come in and work hard every day.

Who would you compare yourself to in the NBA?
My game, I try to mimic Josh Richardson, [who] plays for the Miami Heat. He’s a lot longer and more athletic than me. But he’s a shot maker and a worker. That’s something that I can imitate. As far as off the court, Jonathon Simmons. That’s a guy who’s been through a lot but continues to strive for greatness. He finally got his opportunity and someday I’ll get my opportunity.

What’s your biggest focus coming into these workouts?
My biggest focus is showing guys that I can be a combo guard and play the 1 or the 2. A lot of people just see me as a shooter but I think I can do a lot more than just shoot the ball. I can playmake and I’m just blessed that the Denver Nuggets gave me an opportunity to come here and participate.

What would you like the Nuggets organization or Denver fans to know about you?
I’m a project. I’ve always been an underdog and I always have a chip on my shoulder. Everyday I live my life and just going in, working hard each and every day, just giving it all I got in life, on the court and off the court.

How do you see yourself being able to contribute at the next level?
I see myself being able to contribute as a defender early with my length. Be disruptive, really focus on defense and not worrying about getting up shots and scoring the ball. Mainly playing defense and passing the ball.

You shot the ball extremely well at CSU with your 96 threes from last season breaking a single-season record. Do you see this translating into the NBA?
As years go on, maybe, but not right off the bat. I probably won’t get the opportunity to take that many shots. I just want to go in, be a defender, be a point guard and just make plays for my team.