Draft Prospect Q&A with Isaiah Reese, Admiral Schofield, Reid Travis, Cody Martin, Daniel Amigo, and William McDowell-White

Favorite pizza topping?

IR: Just cheese.

AS: I’m from Chicago so we’re big on deep dish so I’d have to go sausage, peppers, and pepperoni with extra sausage.

RT: Pineapple.

CM: Pepperoni.

DA: Pepperoni.

WDW: Meat lovers.

Favorite superhero?

IR: Deadpool. He’s my guy.

AS: Batman for DC and Black Panther for Marvel.

RT: Spiderman.

CM: Batman.

DA: Hulk.

WDW: Superman.

Laurel or yanny?

IR: I hear both.

RT: I don’t know the background on that but I’ve seen it all over.

DA: Yanny.

WDW: Laurel.

Basketball idol growing up?

IR: Rondo and CP3.

AS: Michael Jordan but I’ve always been a LeBron James fan.

RT: Charles Barkley.

CM: LeBron James and Vince Carter.

DA: Manu Ginobili.

WDW: LeBron.