Jusuf answered a few fan questions from Facebook

Nurkic Answers Your Questions

Jusuf answered a few fan questions from Facebook

What do you think about the nickname “Bozzy”(combination of Bosnian bear and Fozzy bear)?

Bosnian Beast is my nickname.

Best Bosnian food?

Actually, for me, it’s pita.

Favorite American food?

I don’t know; I eat the same European food. Steak.

Who do you model your game after?

I don’t know. I be myself. I don’t try to copy anybody.

Do you enjoy Denver so far? What is your favorite part?

Yes, so much. The zoo is the best. I want to go again.

How is the transition between European basketball and the NBA?

It’s so fast-paced. Coming from Europe to here, it’s so difficult. There’s so much running here, so much speed.

Why are you number 23?

Because my birthday is the 23rd of August.

How does it feel to play in the big league?

It’s amazing, you know. At home, when every day you watch the games or highlights, and you wake up and now you’re here to play with the best players in the world. It’s a crazy feeling.

What do you do in your free time?

Just chill. Play video games, like normal people.

What’s your favorite video game?

NBA 2k15.

Have you played as yourself?

I tried, but I’m better on the court now.

What’s your favorite thing about being in the NBA?

Everything. Everything is new for me, every city, and every play. It’s big all-star guys. It’s so tough.

Who is your NBA role model?

I can’t wait to play against Tim Duncan.

What is the hardest part about being a rookie from a completely different country?

It’s so hard. It’s tough because you come from a different place, long flight. You’re new here in the league. Every thing is new for you. You need to do your best.

What’s one thing you miss from Bosnia?

I miss my people – my friends, my family, my girl, that’s everything for now. The eight hour difference kills me.

How do you want to give back or engage with the community (kids)?

I love kids. It’s fun to play basketball with the kids.

How has Nuggets nation been to you so far?

I’ve only played one game at home. So we’ll see. I’m new here, nobody knows anything about me. Everybody has time to see me.

Who’s your favorite teammate?

I love every teammate here. Everybody helps me, especially Gallo because he’s from Europe or Mozgov because, same country or not, he’s close. He talks with me all the time in the games, in practice. It does help me be better in running or to save that. He knows because he’s a superstar, a great player and a great teammate.

Can you explain the nickname Juka?

It’s my nickname in my town. My family, my friends, everybody calls me Juka. My teammates here, my coach, call me Juka. Everybody who knows something about me calls me Juka.


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