Nuggets Draft Profiles: Kendall Brown

Writer and Digital Content Specialist

Over the past week, the Denver Nuggets have worked out 18 different prospects as they prepare for the June 23 NBA Draft. Monday's collection of talent included the high-flying athlete out of Baylor University, Kendall Brown.

Brown is one of the few true Freshman that have been worked out by the Nuggets since pre-draft workouts began. He's only 19 years old, but the value he can bring to an NBA team is clear, even as soon as his rookie campaign.

The team that drafts Brown will be adding an exceptional talent that has the potential to be the prototype of a three-and-D wing. Of course, that's only a projection, but it comes from a laundry list of skills he brings to a basketball court.

There's a reason Brown started and played 27.0 minutes per game for a Baylor team that had just won the 2021 NCAA Men's National Championship. And if drafted by the Nuggets, he could see a big role very early on.



Brown has an argument to be one of the best pure athletes in the 2022 NBA Draft. A 63.8% figure from two-point range and 63.0% True Shooting show his ability to score with ease using that athleticism.

He's confident with the ball in his hands -- and can leap out of the gym -- but can also impact the game off-ball using back-door cuts and screens. He has been able to separate himself from other wings in this draft class because of these skills.

Passing and Vision:

Part of his confidence with the ball in his hands comes from Brown being a willing and reliable passer. He's not a thread-the-needle type like elite point guards, but he regularly finds open teammates and can take advantage of opponent miscues.

An athlete with court vision is a scary combination, as teams will have to decide between guarding the paint and the pass with Brown.

On-Ball Defense:

At times, Brown has shown that he can hound opposing ball-handlers and force turnovers. Yes, the athleticism has helped him in this regard, but he also has a lockdown mentality. This alone makes him a highly valuable commodity in today's NBA.

Areas of Improvement

Shooting Consistency:

Brown shot 34.1% from beyond the arc in his Freshman season at Baylor. This certainly isn't a bad figure by any means, but it does show room for improvement at the NBA level.

A criticism of Brown has been a reluctance to shoot the three. But with professional spacing and an increased opportunity for open looks, his reluctance could quickly turn to confidence.

Help Defense:

Brown's on-ball defense was a thing of beauty during most of the 2021-22 NCAA season. And if that can smoothly translate to the NBA, then hopefully the same can be said for help defense.

The Baylor product is not a bad help defender, but staying locked in and engaged when not guarding the ball would go a long way towards him becoming a hugely impactful defender at the next level.

Fit With Nuggets

The Nuggets -- like many NBA teams -- could stand to improve along the wings. With that being said, Brown looks to be an incredible fit on paper.

A rangy, athletic wing that can shoot the three and defend the perimeter would absolutely help the Nuggets next season and beyond.

Lineups including Jamal Murray, Michael Porter Jr., and Nikola Jokić would look difficult to stop if a dynamic player like Brown was added to the mix.

Of course, many teams likely feel the same way about a player like Brown. Until draft day, it's impossible to know exactly when Brown will be off the board. But if he's available when the Nuggets select at No. 21, he could be a fascinating addition.