Michael Malone Confident In Nuggets Present And Future

Writer and Digital Content Specialist

The Denver Nuggets have seen some significant change to their organization in recent weeks. Generally, such changes can lead to a less-than-smooth transition, but it hasn't been that way in Denver.

Ask Michael Malone, and he'll say it's been business as usual on the inside. This type of consistency has been a staple of Nuggets basketball in recent years.

The Nuggets -- with general manager Calvin Booth -- have been hosting a series of workouts in preparation for the NBA Draft on June 23. They remain focused on the task of building a championship roster for the 2022-23 season.

Malone has been with the Nuggets since the 2015-16 season. In that time, he has never wavered in his confidence, and has been a steady voice for a team that has seen steady success.

Part of this stems from his trust for the people reworks alongside, including Booth and team ownership. "We have a good thing going," Malone said at a pre-Draft workout on Friday. "From ownership -- I told Josh [Kroenke] right when it happened -- I fully endorse Calvin Booth."

"I think Calvin, aside from being a tremendous human being, is more than ready for the opportunity to lead this team. It allows us to have continuity."

Trust between a coach, manager, and owner is essential for the success of any franchise. And it very much appears the Nuggets have that in their main trio.

It also boosts everyone's hopes that the team can quickly elevate themselves to the next level among the elite of the NBA. "I feel next year, if we get the right pieces and get healthy, we're going to put ourselves back in position to be a true contender," Malone said.

"Everybody says they're a contender. But how many teams are really contenders to win a championship? We can use this offseason to recharge and improve individually, and we can also use this offseason to improve as a team."

The Nuggets are in a prime position for results in 2022-23. They have one of the NBA's best players and a back-to-back MVP in Nikola Jokić, they have two stars -- Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. -- set to return from injury, and they have an organization that has faith in one another.

All of these building blocks towards success can be seen in many recent NBA champions. Malone has clearly recognized this, hence his confidence as they move toward the future.