Nuggets honor Women’s History Month: Margo Osborne helps players with recovery

by Alex Labidou Staff Writer

The grind of an 82-game season and playoffs is well-documented. 
Coast-to-coast travel, back-to-back games, and various ailments can take a toll on even the most well-conditioned athletes. The mental aspect of the game that can also be taxing. To help NBA teams manage the physical burden on their players, teams utilize various massage techniques with players to assist with the training and recovery they receive from their strength and conditioning coaches. For the Nuggets, Margo Osborne has been the team’s lead massage therapist for the better part of seven years. 
“I can see guys for different reasons,” Osborne told “It can be to help with an injury or they could simply have tight hamstrings. I’ll help loosen that up, like if they have a hamstring strain, quads or a contusion, I can help with the medical side [of that].” 
She added, “It can also be for relaxation and recovery, which is very important for athletes. Usually, [all] those [techniques] are combined. So, I’ll focus on one area, but also help them relax.” 
After becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2010, Osborne eventually found her way to the Nuggets at the end of 2011. She’s had two stints with the team, departing in 2015 before returning in 2017. She remains committed to using multiple methods to help the Nuggets’ players recover, including trigger-point therapy and past positional release therapy. 
“Most of the guys are pretty receptive because I don’t have to make them do things like working out or lifting,” Osborne joked. 

For Osborne, it is fulfilling when she’s able to help a player through niggling injuries or assist in the enduring a long season.

“As far as player interaction goes, I really enjoy connecting with the players and helping them feel better the best way that I know how,” Osborne said. “It's very fulfilling to see them get up off of the massage table moving and feeling better than when we started the session. Often they will tell me how they appreciate that I am there to help them feel better and keep playing through our long season.”
Osborne is the only woman on the Nuggets’ strength and recovery team, but she’s enjoyed the receptiveness of her colleagues toward her techniques. 
“I think this organization is fantastic,” she said. “I have not come up against too many walls or barriers to me doing my job and performing well.” 
Osborne also offered some advice for those who are looking for similar opportunities in sports. 
“Stay persistent and the right opportunity will come along,” she said. 


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