Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari Joins Hastings & Browman

On Friday night, Kentucky alums Jamal Murray and Trey Lyles participated in the UK Charity Game to benefit The Calipari Foundation and coached by Calipari himself. With the recent flooding in Houston, a large portion of the funds were sent to various organizations assisting in rescue operations of varying degrees. Kentucky coach John Calipari joined Hastings & Browman of Altitude 950 to discuss the game, Murray and Lyles, and coaching methods.

“You got two of the great kids, I mean both of them, did not stop smiling but they don’t, that’s who they are,” Calipari had to say of Murray and Lyles’ time back at Kentucky.

On the Nuggets acquisition of Lyles, Calipari had to say, “I’m so happy for Trey because all Trey needs is an opportunity.”

The conversation then shifted to Calipari’s coaching style and his emphasis on the idea of the servant leader. “When we’re here, minutes and numbers don’t matter at Kentucky,” he said.

“You got to learn to be a great teammate, to be an efficient player, to pick your spots and that’s what you’re learning here [Kentucky].”

Calipari delved into his coaching philosophy further when he looked at Jamal Murray’s transition from high school to college. “Jamal Murray was a volume shooter in high school. He shot every ball. Jamal Murray, right now, when left us – the most efficient basketball player in the country.”

Hastings & Browman wrapped up the conversation with asking Calipari’s beliefs on the current one-and-done format.

The interview can be heard in its entirety above.