Special Appearance from Gary Harris, Basketball Clinic on the UCHealth Practice Court; Nuggets Host Denver Children's Home and Saint Vincent Children's Home

Prior to Tuesday’s Nike uniform unveil, children from Mount Saint Vincent and Denver Children’s home took to the UCHealth practice court for a hands-on basketball clinic with Nuggets community ambassadors Mark Randall, Ervin Johnson, and Walter Davis.

“For them [kids] to be able to leave their facilities for the UCHealth practice court is a dream come true,” said Deb Dowling, Nuggets Vice President of Community Relations.

The visit to the UCHealth practice court was a surprise in of itself but Gary Harris added an extra surprise when he capped the clinic by signing t-shirts of each participant. Meghan Peters, representing the Mount Saint Vincent Children's Home, delighted in the experience. “The biggest piece a lot of our kids can tend to miss is the quote-on-quote childhood experiences so this just goes above and beyond and is a memory from their childhood that is going to last the rest of their lives.”

“It’s our [KSE] privilege to be able to work with kids of all ages and abilities,” added Dowling.