Steve Hess Leads Red Rocks Workout

Director of Performance Steve Hess introduced draft picks Tyler Lydon and Monte Morris to Colorado this morning with a stair workout at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. Lydon and Morris were joined by last year's 19th overall pick, Malik Beasley, 2016 second round pick Petr Cornelie, 2015 second round pick Nikola Radičević, and additional prospects.

"What we're trying to do is have purpose to everything we do. We want to have a thought behind why we're doing what we're doing; so while this is amazing and we love to come up here, training at six thousand feet provides an altitude deficit," said Hess of his Red Rocks workouts.

"We work in actual stride length so there's an exact physiological purpose to us being up here but, that being said, not a better place on earth. Guys come up here and it's like they're rejuvenated. It unequivocally changes up the monotony of going to the gym everyday."

Hess routinely takes his workouts outside of the gym and recognizes the benefits that the city of Denver provides. "The greatest place ever to train is Denver if you use it to your advantage. To live here and have these different altitudes we can train at is amazing."

The Nuggets players recognize the benefits of Hess' unique workouts.

"I'm just trying to get my body right because obviously this is going to be more physical play coming into the league. A workout like this can really help because of the conditioning," said first round pick Tyler Lydon.

Second round pick Monte Morris added, "I'm trying to work on my explosiveness and get stronger and have a better base. I think this [Red Rocks workouts] definitely helps with my explosiveness and toughness."

Last year's 19th pick Malik Beasley is no stranger to Hess' tactics. "I'm trying to get in the best shape as possible and running and this altitude definitely helps," said Beasley.

Hess will continue to put the Nuggets to work throughout the offseason.