NBA Games Tailor-Made for the 5-Game Pick 'Em Plan

by Christopher Dempsey
Nuggets Insider

All views expressed are solely those of Chris Dempsey and do not necessarily reflect the views of the team.

So, you’re going to the game. Better yet, five of them using the Nuggets Five Game Pick ‘em Plan.

The beauty of it all? You have total control. So think of it this way: You can construct the package of your choice. And an NBA stocked with talent, starting right here in Denver with the Nuggets, is giving you plenty of chances to see something unforgettable.

Still wondering how to plan your trips to the Pepsi Center? Here’s few suggestions:

The Champions Pack: Use the five games to see the defending champion Golden State Warriors twice (Nov. 4 and Feb. 3), the Cleveland Cavaliers (Mar. 7) and the San Antonio Spurs twice (Feb. 13 and 23).

The Rookie Pack: Use the five games to see some of the NBA’s hottest rookies such as Lonzo Ball and the L.A. Lakers (Dec. 2 or Mar. 9), Boston’s Jayson Tatum (Jan. 29), Phoenix’s Josh Jackson (Jan. 3 or 19), Sacramento’s De’Aaron Fox (Oct. 21 or Mar. 11), or Philadelphia’s Markelle Fultz (Dec. 30).

The MVP Pack: Use the five games to see the current MVP, Russell Westbrook and Oklahoma City (Nov 9 and Feb. 1), and former MVP’s LeBron James with the Cavaliers (Mar. 7) and Stephen Curry with the Warriors (Nov. 4 and Feb. 3).

The National TV Pack: Want to be in the house when the Nuggets are on national television? You have seven games to choose from – Nov. 9 vs. Oklahoma City, Nov. 17 vs. New Orleans, Feb. 1 vs. Oklahoma City, Feb. 13 vs. San Antonio, Feb. 27 vs. the L.A. Clippers, Mar. 7 vs. Cleveland and April 5 vs. Minnesota.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. The Nuggets themselves are worth the trip on any night. Fascinating players and teams around the NBA make getting to the Pepsi Center this season even more of a must.

5-Game Pick 'Em Plan