Kenneth Faried Joins Altitude 950 to Talk of His Mother's Battle with Lupus and Upcoming Slam Dunk Against Lupus Event

Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried joined Kreckman & Harris of Altitude 950 to discuss his upcoming Slam Dunk Against Lupus event on September 23rd, roster changes, and trade rumors.

Faried’s mother has battled the disease and the Nuggets forward wanted to shed light on what can be done. “She overcame it and fought,” he said when talking of his mom’s kidney transplant and what inspired him to put together the inaugural Slam Dunk Against Lupus.

“Growing up, I saw her in the hospital a lot, especially when I was in high school. For me, it was just huge watching her battle and fight through the Lupus.”

He noted that he learned lessons from her that translated to his game. “Go rebound the ball. Go fight. And go battle because that’s what she’s doing. She’s fighting a battle to stay alive.”

The conversation shifted to the status of the Nuggets roster with training camp coming up later this month. “Guys got better like Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic,” Faried had to say of the internal growth of the roster.”

On the whirlwind of trade season in the NBA and sometimes seeing his name in rumors, Faried had to say, “I actually like it.”

The full interview can be heard above.