Negah Connelly leads Denver Nuggets’ T-shirt donations to Ellis Elementary

by Alex Labidou Staff Writer

The last day of school is always a memorable time for students. It’s a chance to reflect on the hard work and lessons learned before heading off to summer. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting how groups gather due to social distancing, Ellis Elementary was among the countless schools around the world that weren’t able to properly enjoy their final school day back in May.

That’s where Negah Connelly, the wife of President of Basketball Operations Tim Connelly, and the Heart of the Nuggets (the organization comprised of significant others of Nuggets management, coaches and players) decided to step in.

With Ellis Elementary needing help with resources, the group decided to adopt the school and help it commemorate the accomplishments of its students. The group donated hundreds of T-shirts to help its students celebrate wrapping up the academic year. The shipment expected to arrive in May, but with all Denver Public Schools closed during that time, the delivery arrived this Wednesday to the delight of students and teachers.

“We toured a couple of schools and although they were are all amazing Ellis really stuck out to me because of their new leadership that truly believed this school was a special place and every student that attended had the potential to do whatever they desired to do in the world,” Negah Connelly wrote in an email to “They had some hardship within the school but instead of letting it tear them down, they used it as motivation to come out stronger on the other end. I was lucky enough to get invited to one of their morning rallies and seeing the teachers and staff encouraging each other before school started knowing that the day held so many challenges and still coming in ready to teach the future was inspiring on so many levels.”

She added, “We decided to “adopt” the school and the first thing we wanted to do was to give the children a sense of school solidarity and pride. All of the Nuggets women were excited to donate to buy the entire school custom tee shirts with their logo on it. Unfortunately, the delivery didn’t go as planned because of the unexpected school closings but we are thrilled everyone at Ellis can finally get to pridefully represent their school.” 

Connelly also expressed that she and the Heart of the Nuggets efforts won’t stop with the T-shirts donation. 

“We won’t stop at shirts,” Connelly said. “Obviously, the shutdown and limited access to the school will prevent a few ideas we had but one was painting their court. Last summer their basketball court was vandalized, so we’d like to paint the court so the kids can have something to be proud to play on.” 

She added, “Education has always been very important to me because I believe it’s the foundation of our youth. I want children to be inspired by motivated teachers. Teachers give so much of themselves to ensure the success of our future…I want children to have a sense of pride in their school and environment. 



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