Daily Nugget: Is Denver the NBA's best-dressed team?

by Alex Labidou
Nuggets.com Staff Writer

Torrey Craig, one of the Nuggets’ top defensive players, can provide a full scouting report when discussing how to guard some of the top offensive players in the NBA – fully detailing a player’s strengths and weaknesses. He is just as apt when providing an assessment of his own locker room’s sense of style.

“When it comes to fashion, I think our team is pretty unique and is up there with some of the [other NBA] teams fashion-wise,” Craig told Nuggets.com in September. “You got Thrill [Will Barton III], Thrill is more flashy with the jewelry -- the big chains and exotic clothes. Gary [Harris] is more smooth. He knows how to put together designer fits. Vando [Jarred Vanderbilt] thinks he's a little fashion guru [laughs]. It's a different mixture but I think we blend really well.”

It is a mix that ranges from Jamal Murray’s opulent suits to Nikola Jokić’s more laid-back chill fits.

“I don't think I've ever seen Joker wear jeans,” Craig said with a grin. “Joker, he always wears sweats...Joker doesn't care though! If it was someone [who needs to step up his wardrobe], it would be him.”

When it comes to his own sense of fashion, however, he’s more self-deprecating.

“I'm not even a fashionable guy, I just wear whatever and I'm chill. I'm not as flashy as some of the guys,” Craig said.

Barton III agrees with Craig’s assessments for the most part.

“I think he hit it on the head. I’m more of a risk-taker and flashy. G is more flashy, but kind of laid back. I try things because I know I can pull it off. Definitely me and Gary are the trendsetters though,” Barton III told Nuggets.com in October.

Barton came in defense of Jokic though.

“See the thing about style is it's your style,” Barton III said. “As long as you’re not trying to do too much, like Nikola. I like his style – he’s not trying to do anything. His style is wearing sweatsuits and chilling. I respect that.”

Well said, Will. Well said.


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