Catching Up With Mason Plumlee

Nuggets.com caught up with Mason Plumlee following a recent training camp practice to talk about his summer and other things.

How was the summer?
It was great, spent it working out in New York. Did a little bit of travel but it’s great to be back at training camp.

Where did you travel to?
I went to Dubai and Israel.

How was that?
It was great, I did my second year of camp in Dubai. We had a really good turnout, the kids had a lot of fun. And then I just went to Israel for vacation.

What was your favorite place you went to and the coolest thing you saw?s
Just the growth from year one to year two of the basketball camp. They really love the game down there they just don’t have much instruction or people to teach it to them. I bring a lot of my high school buddies and we go and put on a camp. So that was fun. I’ve been there a lot of times. Israel was, you know, it’s like a religious experience. It’s just the epicenter of a lot of major religions. So to see the Wailing Wall, to see Calvary, Jerusalem, all those places, it was awesome.

You spent the summer in New York and I know you’re a big art guy, what was the coolest art exhibit you saw?
Damien Hirst had a show at the Gagosian that was good, I go back to the MOMA (Museum of Mordern Art). I’d say probably Damien’s was the best show.

What advice would you give to the rookie version of yourself?
Just enjoy each season. Each season is special and each season is a gift because it goes really fast.