Arturas Karnisovas Joins Altitude 950

Nuggets GM Arturas Karnisovas joined Altitude Radio on Friday to talk with Julie Browman and Todd Romero about the upcoming season.

“There’s a lot of excitement, signing Paul Millsap and adding him to our group, already talented offensive team we’re just going to have to figure it out, a couple things defensively, and how to finish games and we should be good.”

Karnisovas was asked about the veteran presence of free agent acquisition Paul Millsap.“It’s leadership, we wanted the guy in our locker room that has done it. He’s been a 4-time All-Star. Most recently last year he was an All-Star as well. The player that can do very well on the basketball court and have leadership qualities.“

From there the conversation turned to Karnisovas’ decision to stay with the Nuggets organization this summer and take the role of GM.

“My family was most excited that I was able to stay here a little longer and see this project pan out. Now we’re looking at the team that is projected to be sixth in the west, and you have a 20-year-old point guard, a 22-year-old two guard, and a 21-year-old center, so it’s exciting and to add Paul Millsap to our group was also an unbelievable thing.”

Karnisovas thinks that the team that the Nuggets front office has assembled is ready to take on the challenges of the competitive Western Conference. “We like the group that we have right now. …To have the third youngest team in the league and be projected sixth in the west is pretty good.”

When asked what five games he would pick if he was using the Nuggets 5-game Pick ‘Em Plan offer Karnisovas said he would likely choose division rivals Oklahoma City, Portlant, Minnesota to go along with, Golden State and Cleveland.