Mike Miller Joins Altitude Sports Radio to Talk Nikola Jokić, Jamal Murray and More

Mike Miller joined Hastings and Helmer on Altitude Sports Radio to discuss Nikola Jokić, Jamal Murray and his plans post-NBA career.

Hastings and Helmer asked Miller about what would attract potential free agents to Denver. Miller responded by giving credit to Nikola Jokić as a draw to free agents with his style and play.

The topic then turned to Jamal Murray who underwent a successful surgery this offseason to repair core abdominal muscles. Hastings and Helmer asked Miller how Murray was able to play this season through injury where Miller praised Murray for his strength this season and talked about Jamal’s future.

Hastings and Helmer then questioned Miller on his plans for a post-NBA career and if coaching might be in his future. The veteran Miller didn’t quite give up what his post-NBA plans may hold, but doesn’t count coaching out.

Lastly, the group touched on Miller’s role with the Nuggets now.

Listen to the full interview above.