Q&A: Reggie Bullock

North Carolina shooting guard talks about working out for the Nuggets
by Aaron Lopez

The pre-draft process for a future NBA hopeful has its ups and downs, but it’s usually a process that is not taken for granted. Teams all over the league have been bringing in young college and international players to showcase their skills and make a case for why they should be drafted.

With the 27th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Denver Nuggets are poised to make their first and only selection. With only one pick, you can bet that the Nuggets’ brass is going to make sure they make a strong choice.

On June 3, Reggie Bullock was a participant in a workout at Pepsi Center. Known for his shooting ability, the former North Carolina Tar Heels star has gained interest from a lot of teams seeking shooting late in the first round. caught up with the 22-year-old shooting guard following his workout. He talked about what the process has been like so far, his game and what he’ll bring to the organization that ultimately selects him. How has the pre-draft process been going so far?
Reggie Bullock: "It has been going good. I’m just trying to stay humble within it. I have been going through some training in Long Island, N.Y., with a trainer there to get ready for all of these workouts. I’m just (enjoying) the process, working hard and just staying humble." What do you think you do well?
Bullock: "What I do well is obviously shoot the basketball. I can also rebound and defend. I’m a great team player, role player; whatever the team needs me to do, I’m just able to do it." What do you want to work on for the next level?
Bullock: "Primarily ball handling and creating my own shot. I can do it but it is obviously a part of the game that I can continue to get better on. I just feel like with ball handling I can continue to get better." How would you rate yourself defensively?
Bullock: "I can continue to get better lateral quickness, but I think I’m a pretty good defender for my length. Just being able to stay with smaller defenders and stuff like that, but I think I’m pretty good defender using my length and contesting shots." Have you been able to connect with the North Carolina guys within the organization?
Bullock: "When Ty Lawson came back to schoo,l I was able to meet him. I know (North Carolina resident) Quincy Miller. I’ve seen Coach (George] Karl) at some of our practices but I haven’t been able to sit down and talk to him and meet him as a person. It’s a good (connection) to have when you’re being looked at by a team that has the same college alum that you went to on staff." Has Ty given you any advice about the NBA?
Bullock: "I haven’t been able to talk to Ty Lawson since I have started this whole process, but seeing that he and I have the same UNC ties, I know he’s wishing me all the best." What is your goal in the draft? Where do you see yourself being drafted?
Bullock: "My goal is just to get with the right team and the right fit and just try and bring whatever I can to that organization with my shooting and my defense, and hopefully things can work out for me." What do you think will be the best for you as a player?
Bullock: "Definitely a team that likes to push the pace and likes to get out and run, shoot 3s, rebound, defend and is just a team. It’s not about one individual, but it is more about the team. A place that loves me, welcomes me in and I just come in and work for whatever organization I get with. Hopefully it’s a great fit for me." How do you think you have grown as a player since high school and college?
Bullock: "I think it’s been a great last five years. When I was in high school, I always wanted to be in the NBA. I always wanted to work towards (this point). It’s been a blessing to see my game grow over the years and to even put myself in this position." What is the team that drafts you getting in a player and a person?
Bullock: "They are getting a great character guy, loves his fans, a great teammate, a hard worker, and I’m just going to bring all of my abilities that I have been playing with all these years. I’m not going to try to do anything that is not out of the ordinary. These teams know what I’m capable of doing. They are inviting me to these workouts and competing against these other guys that I haven’t matched up with throughout the year. I’m just going to bring whatever I can to the organization."