Nuggets strength coach Steve Hess seeking Twitter 10K

Followers of @SteveHess1 could win tickets and additional prizes

To borrow one of Steve Hess’ favorite lines: It’s go time!

For the past 15 years as Denver’s strength-and-conditioning coach, Hess has been getting Nuggets players pumped up and prepared to handle the rigorous demands of the NBA season.

Now it’s time for Nuggets fans to help pump up his following on Twitter.

Tweeting as @SteveHess1, he has more than 3,100 followers. As you would imagine, Hess is a goal-oriented kind of guy, so he has set his sights on reaching 10,000 followers by Feb. 29, which appropriately enough is Leap Day.

As part of his Twitter 10K campaign, Hess will provide one of his followers with tickets to the Nuggets’ Feb. 29 home game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Watch his video to find out what else he is offering and then be sure to follow him on Twitter, where he provides regular updates about his workouts with the Nuggets and other elite athletes, such as professional mixed martial arts fighter Duane Bang.

Considered one of the top strength coaches in professional sports, Hess is the co-owner of FORZA fitness and performance center and one of 12 trainers worldwide who sits on the Under Armour training council.

With the help of Twitter Nation, Hess can expand his influence even further.

As he would say: Let’s get this done!