Q&A: Chris Singleton

Florida State forward brings defense, athleticism to the table

Chris Singleton knows that the NBA isn’t all about scoring. Every team appreciates someone who can bring a little defense to the table.

The 6-foot-9, 230-pound junior out of Florida State University is the reigning ACC Defensive Player of the Year, and he is high on a lot of draft boards because of his strength, athleticism and ability to create problems at the defensive end.

“He does a lot of things well defensively,” Nuggets scouting director Mike Bratz said. “He’s a terrific athlete and has great size. He’s going to be a really good NBA player. I think he can step in and play right away.”

Singleton, who helped Seminoles reach the NCAA Tournament in each of his three seasons, averaged 13.8 points, 6.8 rebounds, 2.0 steals and 1.5 blocks in 2010-11. He is the only player in Florida State history to finish in the top 10 in career steals and blocked shots.

After showcasing his skills in a predraft workout Friday at the Pepsi Center, Singleton took time to sit down and answer some questions with

Q: How did the workout go?
A: I think it went well. I got to go up and down a lot, especially in 2-on-2 drills. I felt like I was able to show a lot in this workout. I think it went good.

Q: How is this workout different than other workouts you have had with other teams so far?
A: We did a lot of 2-on-2, up and down, where other stuff was more half court 1-on-1. I feel like we got to show a lot more camaraderie with the teamwork you were able build with the new players. I think that was good.

Q: What has been the difference playing here at elevation as opposed to playing at sea level at Florida State?
A: I felt like it like was pretty tough at the start. You have to wait a second to catch your breath, but I think when I was able to get going once, I got my second wind. It takes a lot out of you especially at the defensive end.

Q: What do you think your strengths as a player are right now?
A: Definitely my defense. I am also a team player, which is what I am going to bring right off the bat. I feel like my offense and ball creating abilities are going to come along.

Q: What are you trying to prove to the coaches and GM’s in these workouts?
A: People had a lot of doubts in my shooting consistency and creating off the dribble. That is what I have been working on the most, especially during this transition from college to the NBA. That is what I am going to continue to work on for right now, but I will still work on my defense. Those are my two focuses.

Q: Who do you think you model your game most after?
A: I model my game after Scottie Pippen and Magic Johnson. I feel like they did so much on the court and that is what I like doing.

Q: As an upperclassman, how did staying those three years help develop you as a player?
A: It made me more ready, especially with all my coaches being able to participate in the NBA before. I felt that was good. They gave me lots of things to go off of, especially during this time. I am going to continue to listen to them and gain knowledge.

Q: What do you know about the Nuggets and city of Denver?
A: I just got done talking with Coach Karl, and like a lot of teams right now, they are looking for a little defense and what someone can bring to the table right off the bat. A lot of people can score; I mean everyone can score in the NBA. I think my defense is what probably sets me aside from other players.


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