Denver Nuggets Dancers

Meet Sam

Sam is in her second season with the Denver Nuggets Dancers. Sam has been a huge Nuggets fan growing up in Topeka Kansas and she gets to now rep her team as one of the team dancers.

“I have wanted to experience this team for as long as I can remember and to be able to say I worked hard enough to be everything I always hoped for would be indescribable,” she said.

Sam went to Vista Ridge High School and University of Northern Colorado as a teen, getting a degree in Communication (minor in Business Administration). She has been dancing since high school and grew up as a gymnast.

Sam currently teaches fitness classes and has a full-time job in downtown Denver. She enjoys hiking and spending time with friends and family during her downtime. Her favorite movie is the recently released Toy Story 4 and admits dipping French Fries in chocolate shakes is her guilty pleasure.


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