Denver Nuggets Dancers

Meet Quiana

Aurora, CO native Quiana is in her second season with the Denver Nuggets Dance team. The University of Kansas alum has a combined 17 years of experience, with 11 in dancing and six in cheerleading. She’s a clinical assistant and student during the day and a dance coach during the evenings. She’s extremely excited to join the team as it allows her to enjoy what she loves to do.

“The feeling I get when I perform, it gives me an ability to release and express my art through my movements. Also proving to myself that I could do anything that sets my heart on fire,” she said.

She also feels like making the team will inspire others. “Representing that no matter the setbacks, your hard work and dedication can propel you to great heights if you believe in yourself,” she said.

Outside of dancing, Quiana enjoys drawing, fashion, writing, music, gardening, yoga and family game night. Her guilty pleasure is solving Rubik’s cubes.


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