Denver Nuggets Dancers | Meet Kylie

Kylie is a second-year veteran with the Denver Nuggets Dancers (DND). She was born in California, but at the age of four, moved and learned to call Colorado home. She has been dancing since she was two and has never stopped. Kylie’s older sister was a dancer and she was inspired to be just like her. “I've always had a passion for it and it's always been a huge part of my life” she says.

Apart from being a DND, Kylie is the team manager for Production Company Dance Centre. “I love it so much because I used to be a competitive dancer and now I am managing a competitive team. Everything I'm doing is really close to my heart and I love all the dancers I work with,” she says. Kylie has learned to be very diligent with her time. “I have anything, and everything written down in my planner and make sure to check it every day. I always make checklists for myself, so I don't ever forget anything.”

Kylie’s first memory of dancing was in her first recital. She danced to ‘The Shoop Shoop Song’ where she wore a pink fluffy dress. “It was so much fun, and I had so much confidence in myself on that stage,” she says. Her favorite memory of being on the DND was going to London with the entire entertainment team to cheer on the Nuggets against the Pacers. “That was a trip of a lifetime and the game was so much fun ending with a Nuggets win! Seeing fans from across the world was the coolest thing and it was such an exciting game.”

A quote Kylie lives by is "Believe you can and you're half way there" - Theodore Roosevelt. “I have lived by this quote because I have struggled with confidence, so if I just remember to believe in myself I can make anything happen” she explains. Her determination has won her multiple awards throughout her dance career such as being captain of her High School cheer team and getting invited to dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. “That was one of the coolest experiences of my life!” she exclaims. She has also received multiple scholarships from competitions and All-American awards from dance camps. To be able to call her one of our very own DND, is an honor.